There is a daily minimum charge of 10 hours per day. (Day Rate) There are no exceptions.

A rate of 1.5 X the hourly rate applies after the 10th worked hour through the 14th worked hour. (Time and a half)

A rate of 2.0 X the hourly rate applies from the start of the 15th hour and remains in effect until 8 hours off (Turnaround) are achieved between calls. (Double Time)

Overtime will be charged at 1.5 X the hourly rate for calls starting between 12:00 AM (Midnight) and 6:59 AM.

Overtime will also be charged for the following Holidays:

Easter Sunday

Memorial Day

July 4th

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Sundays are like any other day unless the date falls on one of the above mentioned holidays.

Turnaround is defined as having 8 hours off between calls. If there is less then 8 hours off between calls, whatever rate the technician was in during the previous call will become the new base "Day Rate". For example the technician worked a total of 14 hours on the first call. The first 10 hours is the minimum daily "Day Rate". The next 4 hours are at 1.5 X the hourly rate per hour. The technician is then released but must return 6 hours later. The rate is then 1.5 X the hourly rate per hour for a minimum daily charge of 10 hours (Day Rate), 1.5 X the hourly rate through the 14th worked hour, then 2.0 X the hourly rate per hour remains until turnaround is achieved. If the technician were in 2.0 X the hourly rate per hour and turnaround was not achieved, "Double Time" would be in effect until there were 8 hours off.

Meal Break:

Meal Breaks - will be deducted from the time. If a technician is 100% relieved of duty, given a full hour to leave the show site and get a meal, that hour will be deducted from the time. If the technician is given less than an hour, not 100% relieved of duty or cannot leave the venue, the clock will continue.

A one-hour meal break is required after 4 hours and before 5 hours. If meal breaks are not provided for the technician, a meal penalty may be imposed and added to the final bill.

Hotel / Travel / Per Diems:

DataTweak, Inc. charges a minimum of $50.00 per day Per Diem regardless of the location of the city. This figure may increase due to extreme situations / environments. All DataTweak, Inc. personnel shall receive a single room. (No room sharing) A Hotel confirmation number reflecting the room is pre-paid is required before any travel can commence. Hotel room cost are the responsibility of the company / individual engaging DataTweak, Inc. and must be arranged in advance. All incidental Hotel charges not related to room cost are the responsibility of DataTweak, Inc. Any deviation of the above travel conditions requires the authorization of a company officer of DataTweak, Inc.

Travel costs incurred by DataTweak, Inc. such as airfare, taxi, and shipping for equipment will be included on the invoice for the job on which the expense was incurred. Receipts will be furnished for all travel related costs incurred on your behalf.

You or Your Company will be invoiced on a Net 15, Net 30 or Flat Rate basis. Invoices unpaid after 15 or 30 business days respectively will be assessed a 1.5% per month finance charge and a 20% late penalty per month on the outstanding balance until the invoice is paid in full.  If You or your Company may have been extended a "Flat Rate" there is no charge for OT, Turn Around, Per-Diem or Travel Expenses.  Flat Rates are due on "Load Out Day" or before.  Failure to deliver payment on a Flat Rate invoice on time will result in it's conversion to an Hourly Rate invoice NET 15. OT, Turn Around, Per-Diem and Travel Expenses will then be charged.

Cancellation of calls less then 48 hours before scheduled start / travel will be billed at 50% day rate for everyday canceled

The rates quoted for any event are for one technician performing one duty on one show site.

The engagement of DataTweak, Inc. for any job / service constitutes acceptance of all the above Terms and Conditions.

Although a reasonable attempt will be made to inform all concerned about changes in the above Terms and Conditions, (by direct written communication or posting on the World Wide Web) these Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

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